Lots of girls may confused at how to wash and care the human hair wigs, and may think it troublesome. Here we are going to talk about the steps to wash your human hair wig. Only 3 steps!


First step: Detangle

 Wide tooth comb , gently comb from top to end, until you can do it without snagging.

(when you find it’s hard to detangle, you can comb the ends first, then mid lengths to ends, then from roots to ends)


Second step: Wash

Rinse wig in cold water, don’t apply the shampoo directly to hair fiber, stir in 1-2 squeezes shampoo in the water. Sequence and rinse hair from root down.


Turn inside out and soak the hair about 5 minutes. Help the shampoo reach to wig cap and clean it.


Rinse hair thoroughly until no shampoo on it.


Apply hair conditioner on the mid lengths and ends, don’t place it too close to roots.


Rinse the conditioner out, skip it if you use a leave-in conditioner.


Third step: Dry

Gently squeeze the water out without twist or wire hair fiber. Using a dry tower to roll up, absorb water from hair. No need for brushing.

Put it on your wig stand or hang up to let it air dry.

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