How to change the parting in your Human hair wig

Have you ever ordered a human hair wig online online to have it arrive looking totally different from the image on the sales page?

This happens A LOT and the reason why is because manufacturers provide store and business, such as mine, with beautiful stock images of each wig styled to show it in it's best light.

The way the same wig looks right out of the box can sometimes be very different! 

blow dry the parting in to your human hair wig

If you only ever take the time to learn and perfect ONE thing then I would highly recommend it is how to change / blow dry a parting in to your human hair wig.

Knowing how to do this one thing will make the world of difference and, honestly, can change your opinion on a wig in under 6 minutes.


As with so many skills you'll learn along the way, showing you how to change / blowdry a parting in to your human hair wig is something that's easier for me to show you then it is for me to guide you via text.

Check out the video I recorded for you below and happy parting changing!

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