Wigs have Lace front wigs, 360 wigs ,full lace wigs and machine made wigs

These four wigs have their own Characteristics


Lace front wigs are most popular in these four types .It has 13x4 front wigs and 13x6 front wigs. The two different place is the lace part.13X6 has more lace and can part it to is popular in recent 2 year. .Also the price is higher than 13x4 lace wig. Both of them are very popular in hair market


360 wigs made by a full around lace with machine weft in top part. This hair is popular from 2016 years and many clients like it because it has around lace which you can part it around the lace. It most like a full lace but price is cheaper than full lace wigs.

Full lace wigs are most expensive in these four types wigs. Each hair are tied by hand which are very comfortable .You can part it in any places you want .That’s why price is higher than others


Last one is machine made wigs which is the cheapest. It makes by machine which no have lace part .The cap is hard and not comfortable .So most buyers don’t like it


You can choose a wig by their advantages and disadvantages.

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