If the wig wears for a long time, it will become old, so it will not look so good as when you just bought it. Then how can we do to keep the wig fresh? Here are some little tips on how to keep your wigs fresh.

1.Gently comb before washing.

2.Don’t use boiling water.

3.Use a special wig shampoo and wig conditioner to make it soft and shiny.

4.Use wig specific essential oils to make your wig shiny.

5.After washing, gently squeeze out the water with a towel.

6.Whether it’s taken or just after washing, it is best to hang him on the shelf.

7.If you don’t wear it often, It’s best to seal it in a bag.

8.If your wig is synthetic hair, you should avoid the temperature of overheating.


Keep ways are simple. if you can do this, your wig will have a longer service time.

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