Here comes the very hot hot summer time, full of sweats and sticky weather. It seems wigs are more annoyed and difficult to take care during summer time. It's hot to wear wigs in summer, also they will be attached with sweats and dusty, sometimes smelly and itchy, easier to get tangled, not easy to deal with as other seasons. So here comes some little tips on how to take care your wigs in summer.

For Human Hair Wigs

Most sisters prefer human hair wigs in summer, it's more natural and bouncy than synthetic hair, some girls prefer short lace front wigs in summer, some prefer glueless full lace wigs or  hair extensions. But how can we take good care of them, cause we really enjoy these hair, and want them to last longer. So keep the below points in mind.

  • Regularly cleaning. Stick to your hair washing routine. Normally the washing times depend on how often you wear them and the type of the hair.Human hair need to wash after every 10 wearing, synthetic hair is about 15-20 times wearing. Excessive cleanliness may also do harm to wigs, and short the useful life.
  • Suggestion on U-Part wig, hairpiece or hair extensions. In this way, your hair and scalp have more time and space to breathe, you won't feel something wrap your head to make you hot and you can also enjoy your natural beauty look.

For Synthetic  Wigs

Some sisters would also like to wear synthetic hair in summer, which tend to hold curl or style better than human hair. They may also have some problems on how to deal with.

  • Use Shampoo For Synthetic Hair. Never use the common shampoo on a synthetic hair, you need to buy a specially shampoo for it.
  • Use Wire Brush. Cause synthetic hair is made of artificial fiber, it's easy to develop static problems. Using a wire brush can reduce the occurrence of the problems
  • Don't Use The Hair Dryer Directly. When you finish washing the hair, just hang it, let it natural air dry. Also never style a wet wig!

By following these tips, you may enjoy your summer at ease. Any good idea or suggestions will be welcomed.

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