Must see !!!For First Time Purchasing Wigs

Most of the time, there are some people who are new to buy wigs and they do not know about the essentials features of selecting the wigs. If you are looking forward to get a wig, then you must know all the details about human hair wig. You should know about the 4Cs of the wigs to purchase the right one. The 4Cs are listed below:

Cap Size:

Before getting a human hair wig for yourself, you should make sure that the wig cap fits perfectly on your crown. Usually, the average size cap fits about 95% of the people. Thriving hair cap size :

S:21-21.5’’,M:22-22.5”,L:23-23.5’’.Measure the circumference of your head from the front of the hairline, leading behind the ear, then to

the nape of your neck, then to the other ear and then back to the hairline. Then you should get a wig cap according to your measurements. 

Hair density:

Thriving hair website offer Wigs of several densities, For full lace wig, lace front wig, silk base full lace wig, and silk base lace front wig ,etc. You can choose 130% density,150% density or 180% density. For 360 lace wig,you can choose 180% density or 250% density hair, which is inexpensive and convenient item, You can choose the wig that suits you according to your needs.

Composition of the wigs:

Whenever, you buy a wig, you should be clear about its composition. Things you must know about wigs include the type of material used and the type of hair fiber used to make the wig. When we talk about the hair type then we come to know that there are basically two types wigs   human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. Thriving hair only sell human hair.You can get a wig according to your requirements. Also get some information about the wig caps.

Color of the wigs:

You can get the wigs according to your choice of colors. This is the final step in selecting the best human hair wig. If you are new to wearing wigs then you should stick to the natural shade color. If you want to know more about wigs, then you can explore the web for help.  

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