Summer is coming. Have you decided to make a try on the short bob wigs for your summer season?Today I will introduce a short bob wig to you guys.


Lace front middle part line short bob wigs


This short bob wig is the most popular and hot selling wigs in this summer and even in the last summer. We call it classic short bobs.



This short bob wig is made of 100% human hair wigs,so when you touch it it feels like touching natural hair.


Color:Natural black color,since we named it classic bob,it should be the natural color to fit most of the black girls,but you can dye it if you would like,a little tips: I suggest you find a hairstylist to dye if you are a wig beginner.


Cap type: Lace front, maybe wigs beginner are not familiar with what is the meaning of lace front,or can not tell what is the difference between synthetic wigs and human hair wigs.Just take it easy,we have one article explains the differences of synthetic wigs and human hair wigs.One more thing,lace front wigs,full lace wigs and 360 lace wigs are belong to human hair wigs.


Hair length: As we know it is short bob wig,so the length should be no longer than 14 inch.Otherwise it should not be called short bob.For what length you should make a try depends on your own face shape and style.

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