Hi, we're Jessica Hair, the girls behind some of the most unique, intuitive and creative hair wigs in the world. With over 20 years of experience designing wigs that SLAY (let's just be honest here) we are the certified neighborhood bad b***hes of hair (fill in the blanks there beautiful). Everything from lace front, 360 lace fronts, to full lace fronts, to synthetic wigs we're here to serve our sisters in style.
The name Jessica Hair comes from the simple fact that my names Jessica (duh). A little narcissistic I know, but when you're a black girl growing up in New York surrounded by people against women who look like us in America you grow up with a little more attitude then what makes people comfortable. I don't know how many times I let ignorant comments slide about my hair Any girls who grew up with a little melanin in her skin knows what I am talking about. 'Can I touch it?' , 'Is it real?' Ugh Lord help us all. I am Jessica, the founder and creator of Jessica Hair, your local sista looking out for you and bringing the best hair wigs in the world.
Love Yall
- Jessica