To say that we take quality lightly would be an understatement. Every single Jessica Hair piece made by us is inspected several times as we make sure that your end product upholds the brands and my quality. We want to walk you through all the things that make Jessica Hair wigs so special and why sistas everywhere trust us so much. 

We take every precaucation possible to make sure all our hair is ethically and sustainability sourced. There are no corners cut in this process, every single wig from our brand was sourced in the most respectful and sustainable way possible with out harm to any individual involved in the process. All our staff members are paid fairly and treated with the utmost respect. We make sure that our hair donors are treated well and compenstated fairly for their donations. The end result is here is a preimum hair product for you.
My team and I at Jessica hair take the design and styling process of all our wigs seriously. Designs are the 2nd most important step in our process after quality. I am the lead designer at the brand here and because of this I am able to provide that special love and attention to your end product. I love Jessica Hair more than myself, this love inspires and pushes me to deliver more and more creative and inspiring designs.
Our support team at Jessica Hair loves to support and help our customers during the buying process as well as the aftercare service process. Our team is reachable any time on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or Email. Our turn around response time is less than 12 hours and we keep accruate records our interactions with you to make sure we learn about you more as a customer. (All your information is strictly confidential and only used to help support you better, your information is NEVER sold, comprimised or used for malicious intent ever.) Our team our wig experts as most of our team wears the products here themselves. Ask us ANYTHING about a product and will always help out. I mean anything seriously.